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Tip and Trick Detail
Saving AutoCAD 2004 drawings back down to R14 format
*Applies to: AutoCAD 2004 and 2005*

When AutoCAD 2004 first started shipping Autodesk announced that it had dropped the ability to save backwards to R14 format, DWG and DXF.  This didn't settle very well with the design community even though AutoCAD still could save down to R12 DXF for compatibility reasons of Graphic and CNC programs.  Many out there raised their concerns about how fast people migrate to new releases and there are still those companies that don't go for a while.  So Autodesk stuck by and said it wouldn't add the ability to save back to R14 in AutoCAD, but they did keep it in the Drawing Batch Converter though.

  The Drawing Batch Converter can be downloaded free of charge by users of AutoCAD 2004 and 2004 based products.  This is the same application that came bundled with the Migration tools back in the R2000 - 2002 days.  It can be downloaded from the Autodesk site under Support.  The direct link to the download section is below:

     AutoCAD 2004 Drawing Batch Converter
     AutoCAD 2004 Drawing Batch Converter FAQ (PDF)