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Tip and Trick Detail
Grabbing an image of your screen (Print Screen)
*Applies to: Windows 98, 2000 and XP*

When using Windows you are able to take a snap shot of what is currently viewed on the screen.  This includes application windows, the desktop or a dialog box.  Follow the steps below:

Step 1 -  Press the Print Screen button (or Prt Sc on some keyboards). The image will be placed on the Windows Clipboard where it can be pasted into Paint, word processor program or anything else that might use images.

Note: Some keyboards/computers you need to also press and hold down the Alt key in combination with the Prt Sc key.  Occasionally some computers allow you to press the Prt Sc and Alt keys in different orders to get different effects from the screen.

Note: If you need to capture the contents of a pull down you need to press and hold the Prt Sc key and then click the Alt key.

Step 2 -  Lanch MS Paint by going to the Start button in the taskbar area and then to Programs>>Accessories>>Paint (or Paintbrush).

Step 3 -  Press and hold the Ctrl (or Control) key down and press V. This will paste the image from the clipboard into the current application if it supports this type of object. You could also click on the Edit pull down and select Paste to insert the image. Now the image is ready to be moved in the application or saved/printed as well.