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Tip and Trick Detail
Double Clicking an Object Fails to Work
*Applies to: AutoCAD 2000i, 2002, 2004 and 2005*

There are a couple problems that might be causing this and some of the common ones are listed below.

1.)  Make sure that the System Variable PICKFIRST is set to 1.  This controls the NOUN/VERB behavior in AutoCAD or better known as selecting objects before starting a command/action.

2.)  Make sure that Double Click Edit is active.  Type in DBLCLKEDIT at the command line and make sure it is ON.

3.)  Make sure that the System Variable DEMANDLOAD is set to 3.  This controls how or when certain ARX files get loaded into AutoCAD.  The files AcDblClkEdit.arx and AcDblClkEditPEdit.arx should be loaded.  The problem might also be that it can't find the Properties command when this setting has been changed.