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Tip and Trick Detail
Enabling/Disabling the Taskbar Feature in AutoCAD
*Applies to: AutoCAD 2005*

Since Office 2000 Microsoft has been using a "Windows in Taskbar" feature with its Office products.  A similar feature has been added to AutoCAD 2005 and is nice if you normally only have a couple drawings open at a time.  It allows you to quickly switch between open drawings.  Now if you are someone that keeps more than a couple drawings open a long with other applications this feature is going to drive you nuts, much like the one does in Office.  Like Microsoft Office, the feature can be disabled or enabled based on how a user works.

0 -  Taskbar feature is disabled and only one icon is displayed for each session of AutoCAD running.

1 -  Taskbar feature is enabled and each drawing that is open is represented by an icon in the taskbar area.

Command Line:
Command: taskbar
Enter new value for TaskBar <1>: