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Tip and Trick Detail
Using the DEFPOINTS layer to not plot objects
*Applies to: AutoCAD R12, 13, 14, 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004 and 2005*

The DEFPOINTS is a special layer that is created when you use one of the Dimensioning commands, such as Linear, Diameter, or one of the other dimension drawing tools other than Leader. You can also create your own layer called DEFPOINTS if it's not present in your current drawing(s) by using the LAYER command. Any objects that are on this layer when you plat will not be printed with your drawing.

This is highly useful for placing notes in your drawing that you want to reference next time and don't want them printed out.

Place your viewports in Paper Space on this layer versus putting them on a frozen layer. Less steps are required then when you go to plot out your drawing because you don't have to remember to freeze the layer that your viewports are on.