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Tip and Trick Detail
Cycling through objects that overlap each other with the CTRL key
*Applies to: AutoCAD R13, 14, 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004 and 2005*

When there are overlapping objects, such as lines, and you need to select one of the lines that's below the other.  You can press and hold the CTRL key down while left clicking on the line.  This will enable the Cycling mode to be On.  As you keep clicking the left mouse button the objects will switch through the display order.  When the desired object (or line) is selected click the Return key to select the line (or object) and turn off the Cycling Mode.

Step 1 -  Create two layers in your drawing if you need to.  I used the layers Object1 and Object2, see the image below.

Step 2 -  Draw two lines that overlap each other.  They can be the same length or one can be long than the other its up to you.  I will be using two lines that are different in length, see the image below.  In the image below you can see my first line was on the layer Object2 and is shorter than my second line that I am about to add.

Step 3 -  Now that we have a line that is below the other let's use the Cycling mode to grab the line on layer Object2 and erase it.

Command Line:
Command: erase
Select objects:

At the Select objects: prompt hold down the CTRL key and left click on the line that is located on layer Object1.  The command line prompt will look like the following text.

Select objects: <Cycle on>

Left click again and the line on layer Object2 will be highlighted.

Now that the line on Object2 is selected press the Enter key to select the object and turn Cycling off and press the Enter or spacebar to erase the line.