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Tip and Trick Detail
Using the Convert Command to Update Polylines and Hatches
*Applies to: AutoCAD R14, 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004 and 2005*

AutoCAD R14 introduced the new LWpolylines and optimized Associative Hatches.  With these changes came a new command to update these objects from old format to new object format.  This command is called CONVERT.

Note: Polylines that were created with spline or curve-fit segments will not be converted.  Along with the segment limitations CONVERT will also not update Polylines that have extended data attached to it's vertices.

Command Line:
Command: convert
Hatch/Polyline/<All>: {ENTER} for both Hatch and Polylines or H for Hatch or P for Polyline

Select/<All>:  {ENTER} for all objects or S to Select the objects on the screen

The image above is a message box that is displayed to inform you if you want to continue with converting the hatch patterns.  This message is warning you that Hatch pattern rotation information might not be updated properly if the UCS is not the same when it was originally created.
Below is a sample of the output that is created from the command:
1 hatch objects converted.
10 2d polyline objects converted.