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Tip and Trick Detail
Continue from the Last Text Object Created
*Applies to: AutoCAD R13, 14, 2000, 2000i, 2002 and 2004*

Have you ever created a new text object in the drawing only to end the command and then realize that you wanted to continue with the command, but with a new row of text below it.  This tip will show you how to do just that. It is limited to the DTEXT command though.

Step 1 -  To continue from an existing string of text it had to be created with the DTEXT command. It will use the properties of the last string of text typed (height and justification). Type in DT or DTEXT at the command line or find it from the Draw pull down under Text>>Single Line Text.

*Note: When the command was started, the last piece of text became highlighted.

Step 2 -  With the command active and waiting for you to respond to it, just hit Enter and the cursor will display the I-Beam icon. Notice that it started right below the last line that was typed. It now looks as if you just hit Enter and it forced it to go to a new line.

Step 3 -  Type your string of text like you normally would and just exit the command by hitting Enter a couple times.