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Tip and Trick Detail
Restarting Windows in Safe Mode
*Applies to: Windows 98, 2000 and XP*

What is Safe Mode you ask? Well, Safe mode is a way to restart the computer to allow you to correct some items that might not be allowing the system to start up correctly. In this state Windows will load the most generic hardware drives as possible and will load the minimal items that it needs in memory to run. This allows for troubleshooting hardware issues which might be driver related or some new software install easier.

Step 1 -  Click on the Start button located in the Taskbar area and select Shut Down (or Turn Off Computer).
Step 2 -  Windows 98 or 2000 users go to Step 2A. Windows XP users go to Step 2B.
  2A -  Select the Restart The Computer? option from the Shutdown dialog box and click the Yes button.
  2B -  Select the Restart option from the Turn Off Computer dialog box.

Step 3 -  Windows 98 users go to Step 3A. Windows 2000 or XP users go to Step 3B.
  3A -  While the computer is restarting press and hold down the Control (or CTRL) key.  The menu will appear once the boot cycle is complete. 

On some computers you can use the Windows 2000 and XP method that is talked about in Step 3B as well.

  3B -  While the system is restarting and when the Starting Windows ?? message appears on the screen, press the F8 key on the keyboard to enter the Advanced Start Menu.

Step 4 -  Then use the arrow up and down keys to navigate the menu.  Select the Safe Mode option and press the ENTER key.