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Tip and Trick Detail
1 2 3... Counting Blocks with BCount command in Express Tools
*Applies to: AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004 and 2005*

It all comes back to the basics of design and using information down stream in other processes.  This is a revived tip that was original created for R14 many years back around the command called Count.

 So we do our designs by creating objects and place loads of blocks in them.  After that we just go home and surf the net at the end of the day or spend quality time with our family and friends.  To bad that really isn't how our days end up though.

 Have you ever needed to find out how many blocks you have in your drawing and just keep running out of fingers and toes to count them on.  The those shows and socks back on and use the BCount command in AutoCAD.  The BCount command generates a list of block names and their quantities right in the Text Window.  This can help save time when trying to generate a cost proposal for a job that you might be bidding on.  The data that is generated in the Text Window can easily be copied out into a word processor or spreadsheet program.  To use the BCount command follow the command sequence below.

Command Line:
Command: BCOUNT

Press Enter to select all or...
Select objects: all
17 found

Select objects: