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1 2 3... Counting Blocks with Count command in AutoCAD R14
*Applies to: AutoCAD R14*

So we draw up our drawing and place lots of blocks in the drawing also and then go home for the day.  Well if it was always that simple. Have you ever needed to find out how many blocks you have in your drawing.  I know I have on a couple occasions and the AutoCAD count command has helped make the job easier.  The Count command in AutoCAD generates a list of block names and their quantities right to the Text Window.  This can help save time when trying to generate a cost proposal for a job that you might be bidding on.  You can also copy the information in the Text Window to a word processor outside of AutoCAD if you need to.  To use the Count command follow the command sequence below.

Command Line:
Command: COUNT
C:COUNT loaded. Start command with COUNT.
Press <CR> to select entire drawing or,
Select objects: Other corner: 40 found

Select objects:
Counting block insertions...Block Count
2X10X12 ....... 8
2_4STUD ...... 32