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Tip and Trick Detail
AutoCAD R14 Easter Egg
*Applies to: AutoCAD R14*

Traditionally, software has some type of hidden feature or a message from the developers hidden in it. This hidden message is what is known as an Easter Egg (hidden from all until found). Here is how you can get your hands on it.

Step 1 -  Launch AutoCAD R14.

Step 2 -  Select the Help pull down (or menubar) and select About AutoCAD.

Step 3 -  Hold down the Shift and Control keys and left-click on the AutoCAD R14 image on the left side. It will open up an additional dialog box that will display a picture and contain scrolling text.  The picture is of the Autodesk employees that had a hand in AutoCAD R14.

Step 4 -  If you left-click you can speed up the scrolling text and if you right-click the scrolling text will slow down.