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Tip and Trick Detail
Changing the Draw Order of Text that is using Background Mask
*Applies to: AutoCAD 2005*

AutoCAD 2005 introduces many new features from Sheet Set Manager to Tables and Mtext with Background Masking.  Background Masking is a great tool that can be used to hide geometry below text.  The ability to hide geometry is dependent on the DrawOrder of the Text, so Autodesk introduced a command called TextToFront.  This command allows you to specify Text, Dimensions or both to bring to the top most level in DrawOrder.  So if your drawing looks like Figure 1 below, you will want to use The TextToFront command.  Figure 2 shows the results of using the TextToFront command.

Command Line:
Command: texttofront
Bring to front [Text/Dimensions/Both] <Both>:
1 object(s) brought to front.

Figure 1 - Polyline running above Text object

Figure 2 - Shows Text object has been brought to the front of all Geometry