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Tip and Trick Detail
Getting the Most out of Editing in a Viewport (VPMAX / VPMIN)
*Applies to: AutoCAD 2005*

One of the changes in AutoCAD 2005 will change the way you work in Paper Space, or Layouts as they are now called, with Viewports.  The feature that I am referring to allows you to fully edit and navigate in a Viewport as if you were in Model Space.  This new functionality has no lasting affect on a Viewport by restoring its size, scale and view back to the original values. It also can be used on Viewports that have been locked to avoid accidental scale changes.  Below is an outline of the many ways to Maximize or Minimize a Viewport.  The two commands that are responsible for this is new behavior are VPMAX (Maximize) and VPMIN (Minimize).


Maximize Method 1:
The easiest way to Maximize a Viewport is to double-click on its border or the edge of the Viewport.

Maximize Method 2:
Select the Viewport and then right-click.  From the right-click menu select Maximize Viewport.


Maximize Method 3:
Double-click in the center of the Viewport and click the Maximize Viewport button on the Status Bar or type in VPMAX at the Command Line.


Minimize Method 1:
The easiest way to Minimize a Viewport that is currently Maximized is to double-click outside of the red border of the Viewport.

Minimize Method 2:
Right-click in the Viewport with no command active and select Minimize Viewport from the menu.


Minimize Method 3:
Click the Minimize Viewport button on the Status Bar or type in VPMIN at the Command Line.

Related System Variable:
You can use the VPMAXIMIZEDSTATE System Variable to tell if the user is in a Maximized Viewport.
0 -  No Viewport is currently in the Maximized State.

1 -  A Viewport is currently in the Maximized State.