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Tip and Trick Detail
Setting the default Reference Type with XREFTYPE variable
*Applies to: AutoCAD 2005*

AutoCAD 2005 introduces many small and subtle changes with the new enhancements of Sheet Sets and Background Masking for Mtext.  One of these small changes is a way to set it so all Xrefs being attached will default to Attachment or Overlay Reference Type.  This allows you to preset set the default to work with your companies standards as some always use Attachment, while others use Overlay Reference type.  This change only affects the XREF dialog box and not the Command Line equivalent of -XREF.  This new variable is called XREFTYPE and its values are listed below.

0 (Attachment) -  Xref dialog box defaults to Attachment for Reference type

1 (Overlay) -  Xref dialog box defaults to Overlay for Reference type

Command Line:
Command: xreftype
Enter new value for XREFTYPE <0>: 1