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Tip and Trick Detail
Attaching an Image to an AutoCAD Drawing
*Applies to: AutoCAD R13, 14, 2000, 2000i, 2002 and 2004*

Step 1 -  First you need to startup the Image dialog box. You can type in Image or go to the Insert pull down and select Raster Image... Either one of these methods will bring up the Image dialog box. The Image dialog box is very similar in nature to the Xref dialog box.

Step 2 -  Click the Attach button. This will bring up the Attach Image File dialog box/ browse window. Select your picture file that you wish to bring into AutoCAD, and select Open.

Step 3 -  The Attach Image dialog will then be displayed. This dialog box contains a lot of the same parameters that the Insert dialog box. Answer or set the parameters as needed in the dialog box if you desire. If you leave the Specify on-screen boxes checked you can scale inside the drawing, and insert the image where you want to place it. Make sure that you have the Include Path option checked if you don't retain the image in any of AutoCAD's support paths.

Step 4 -  Once all the parameters and options are set select the OK button to import the image file. Answer all commands/prompts as needed. Prompts will very based on earlier choices made.

Step 5 -  A bounding box should be displayed around the image. If you don't see the box you can have it displayed. To display the image frame select the Modify pull down, then Object>>Image>>Frame or type IMAGEFRAME at the command line. Set the value to On. If the frame is not On you will not be able to move the image.


What happens if I have objects under my image and I need to have them show through the image?
  If you need to see through an Image you can make the background of the image Transparent. To do this go to the Modify pull down and select Object>>Image>>Transparency or Transparency. Set the value to On. The background or the image will then become see-through, if the image was setup with a transparent background.

My image has poor quality when plotted/printed?
  If your image doesn't seem right when printed off you can adjust how it will print by adjusting the image qualities of, Brightness, Fade and Contrast. To do this go to the Modify pulldown and select Object>>Image>>Adjust or IMAGEADJUST at the command line. Set the sliders as needed and select OK to save the changes.