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Tip and Trick Detail
Getting one icon in the Taskbar to represent all open documents
*Applies to: Office XP*

With the introduction of Office 2000 each Word document that you opened created a new icon in the Taskbar area.  Obviously, this made it nice and fast to switch between a couple documents rather quickly.  The down side to this was that if you were some one that had several applications open and many documents open the Taskbar area became filled and squished quickly.  Word in Office XP now offers an option to disable this feature so one icon is used for the application and all documents, like in Word prior to Office 97.

Step 1 - Launch Word and select Options from the Tools pull-down.

Step 2 - Click the View tab within the Options dialog box.

Step 3 - In the upper right corner of the tab there is an option called Windows in Taskbar.  Unchecking this option will stack the documents into a single icon in the Taskbar and checking it will unstack all open documents into their own icons again.