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To Be Multiple or Not... Is the New Debate for Copy
*Applies to: AutoCAD 2005*

With each new release of AutoCAD there is bound to be change... well I hope so anyways. When there is change there are those that are against it. As someone who supports a large diverse CAD group, I often am the one forcing change with internal customization. There is always the up and down side of change. The one change by far from what I can tell in AutoCAD that has the up, middle and down crowd is the change to Copy.

  What could have changed in Copy you might ask. Well it now is always in Multiple mode... no way to shut it off unless you know AutoLISP. So why the change after all this time.... well it has been on the top end of the AUGI wish list for the last couple of years from what I remember and as a customer focused company Autodesk made the change. Well with change there is often those that wish to leave it alone because it has worked a certain way for many years. Those people might just be right or wrong. Either way, companies have created custom commands to use Copy Multiple easier in the past and now there will be the group that are customizing AutoCAD to get a single Copy or legacy behavior again. If you are one of those that liked Copy the way it was before you can copy the code appropriate line of code below and paste it in a file called "ACADDOC.LSP". Just make sure the file is located in your AutoCAD Support directory.

;; Redefines Copy in AutoCAD 2005 to be a single Copy like AutoCAD 2004 and before
(command ".undefine" "copy") (defun c:copy() (command ".copy"))

;; Redefines the Copy command for AutoCAD 2004 and prior users like AutoCAD 2005
(command ".undefine" "copy") (defun c:copy() (command ".copy" (ssget) "" "m"))

So no matter what crowd you might be in, the change has been made. Now it is a matter of getting use to it or going backwards with the customization that undoes the functionality above. However, make sure if you are supporting company standards that you choose the best for your users or let them decide for themselves which is best.