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Tip and Trick Detail
The Case of the Missing New Dialog Box
*Applies to: AutoCAD R2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004 and 2005*

In AutoCAD 2000 there is a bug with the StartUp dialog box.  If you turn off the StartUp dialog box that shows up when you open AutoCAD 2000 and unclick the checkbox in the lower left corner you just did one of two things.  You have shut off the StartUp dialog, which is what you wanted to happen.  The second thing that you just did is that you have turned off the Create New Drawing dialog box.  The Create New Drawing dialog box appears when you start a new drawing.  All other commands work it's just the New command that works from the command line now.  You can tell if this is your problem by trying to open a drawing with the Open command.  If the File Open dialog box appears than it is not a problem with the FILEDIA system variable not being set to 1.

How to Reset the redisplay the StartUp dialog box:

Command Line:
Command: options

Select the Systems tab when the Options dialog box appears.  Under the General Options section place a checkmark in the Show Startup dialog and click the OK button to save the changes.