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Tip and Trick Detail
Finding the length of an Arc w/ Lengthen - Part 2
*Applies to: AutoCAD R12 and 13*

This is the second tip in a series of ways to find a length of an Arc.  This was the most frequent work around for getting the length of an Arc in R13 and previous releases.  This example shows how to find the length of an Arc with the combination of Pedit and List commands.

Step 1 -  Type in Pedit at the command line and press {ENTER}.

Step 2 -  Select the arc as the object you would like to use with the Pedit command.

Step 3 -  Press {ENTER} when it asks you to convert it into a Polyline.

Step 4 -  Press {ENTER} to exit the Pedit command.

Step 5 -  Type in List at the command line and press {ENTER}.

Step 6 -  Select the Arc object that was just converted to a Polyline and press {ENTER} twice.  The Arc information will be displayed on the screen.  You may need to press {ENTER} to get all the information to scroll in the Text Window.  At the end of the object information will be the length of the Arc.

Command Line:
Command: pedit (or pe)
Select ployline:
Entity selected is not a ployline
Do you want to turn it into one? <Y>

Close/Join/Width/Edit vertext/Fit/Spline/Decurve/Ltype gen/Undo/eXit <X>:

Command: list (or li)
Select objects: 1 found
Select objects:

                       POLYLINE     Layer: 0
                                               Space: Model space

                       END SEQUENCE    Layer: 0
                                               Space: Model space
                area         5.8048
              length         6.6528