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Tip and Trick Detail
Improving Regeneration with QTEXT - Part 1
*Applies to: AutoCAD R12, 13, 14, 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004 and 2005*

The QTEXT command and QTEXTMODE can save a lot of time when performing a regeneration on a large drawing contenting lots of text and attributes.  When QTEXTMODE is set to a value of 1, (or QTEXT is On), the text or annotation will be displayed as rectangular boxes.  These boxes represent the bounding boxes around the text.  Displaying the text as boxes helps speed things up some because it takes less time to regenerate 4 lines versus some of the medium to complex text styles that can often be found in some drawings.

Note: Before you go to plot your drawing you will have to make sure that you set QTEXTMODE to 0, (or QTEXT is Off), otherwise your text will print out as rectangular boxes. 

Macro Description: The macro below when placed behind a toolbar will create a toggle between QTEXT MODE 0 or 1.

Macro Code:
^P^C^C(if (= (getvar "qtextmode") 0) (setvar "qtextmode" 1) (setvar "qtextmode" 0)) (command "regenall");

Toolbar Button: Right click on image and select Save Image As to download the image and use inside of AutoCAD.