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Tip and Trick Detail
Where did my Grips Go? - Part 1 (A Look at GRIPOBJLIMIT)
*Applies to: AutoCAD 2004 and 2005*

You might be asking yourself... What happened? My Grips where just there one minute ago and now they gone.  Never fear, as Grips are not broken or going, but rather they got some new updates over the last couple of releases.  Though some people would say otherwise as some of the changes have yielded mixed results from users.  I could spend some time talk and/or Griping about Grips, but maybe it is just a matter of understanding the changes.  One of the biggest changes that happened back in AutoCAD 2004 was the ability to control the Grips being displayed on screen based on the number of objects selected.

  The System Variable called GRIPOBJLIMIT controls this behavior.  As there is no way to completely turn the feature off, you can adjust the limit to a larger number.  The valid range is 1 to 32767 and by default it is set to 100.  This means if you select 100 objects or less Grips will be displayed, but if you select 101 objects Grips won't be displayed.  Now there is a way around this.  The workaround is to select at least one object and then the remainder of the objects that you want to edit with Grips.  This will override the GRIPOBJLIMIT because it sees Grips are already being displayed for some objects.

  Along with using the System Variable GRIPOBJLIMIT to change the value, it can also be changed under Selection tab of OPTIONS.

Command Line:
Command: gripobjlimit
Enter new value for GRIPOBJLIMIT <100>: 10