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Why does Exploding Take Longer at Times with AutoCAD 2005?
*Applies to: AutoCAD 2005*

AutoCAD 2005 contains many improvements with Draw Order and many will say this is a great thing.  However, there is a downside to these new Draw Order improvements when using the EXPLODE command on a large number of objects.  What happens is the EXPLODE command places the new objects that are created at the same Draw Order level as the original.  This can result in a change from seconds for the Explode operation in a previous release of AutoCAD, to some thing that might take a couple minutes in AutoCAD 2005. This lengthy operation may appear to have locked up AutoCAD, but that typically is not the case.  It is exploding the object and then changing the Draw Order for the new objects unlike before.  To resolve this delay and if Draw Order is not important to you, just change the DRAWORDERCTL system variable to 0.  The default value is set to 3 which in most cases is the best option to use as it keeps the Draw Order when editing or modifying objects.
0 -  Default display of objects with Draw Order is disabled or off. All new objects created or added to the drawing will appear on top and don't inherit Draw Order values from objects that they are created from.

1 -  Default display of objects with Draw Order is enabled or on. Objects that are edited reflect the correct Draw Order.

2 -  Enables Draw Order inheritance for objects that are created from other objects. Draw Order is maintained between objects.

3 -  Enables the full feature set of Draw Order including both correctly displaying Draw Order and inheritance of Draw Order.

Command Line:
Enter new value for DRAWORDERCTL <3>: