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Tip and Trick Detail
Ignoring Hatch objects when using running Object snaps
*Applies to: AutoCAD 2005*

AutoCAD 2005 introduces many new drafting enhancements.  One of these drafting enhancements is the ability to control whether or not running Object Snaps are affected or can act on Hatch objects.  Autodesk introduced the system variable OSNAPHATCH to control this behavior which can dramatically speed up the process selecting points on screen.  This can be controlled by typing in the system variable at the command line as show below or by following the steps.

Step 1 -  Select Options from the Tools pull-down.

Step 2 -  Select the Drafting tab near the top of the Options dialog box.

Step 3 -  Under the Object Snap Options section is the Ignore hatch options.  Place a checkmark next to it to have Hatch objects ignored with running Object Snaps and remove the check mark it to allow legacy Object Snap behavior for Hatch objects.

0 (OFF) -  Ignores Hatch objects when selecting points with running Object Snaps turned on.

1 (ON) -  Hatch objects are not ignored with running Object Snaps turned on and is then legacy behavior of AutoCAD 2004 and prior.

Command Line:
Command: osnaphatch
Enter new value for OSNAPHATCH <0>: 1