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Tip and Trick Detail
Perform a Find on a Drive/Folder for more than one file
*Applies to: Windows 95 and 98*

When searching your computer you might be trying to find pictures on your computer so normally you might find yourself performing more than one find.  You can search for more than one file name or file type at a time.  Below are the steps on how to do this.

Step 1 -  Open up the Find: All Files dialog box.  There are a number of ways to bring this box up.  The first way is to right-click on a folder or drive (could be in My Computer or Explorer), then select Find... .  The next way is to press the F3 key in a folder or drive.  The final way is to click the Start button in the task bar area and select Find>>Files or Folders.

Step 2 -  Once the Find: All Files dialog box is up on the screen, you want to make sure that it is looking at the correct location on the local or network drive that you want it to.  This value is currently in the Look in: field.   Use either the drop down area to select a drive and/or the browse button to select a drive and the a sub folder under it if needed.

Step 3 -  Now that you have the location for the search and find in established you can then enter the file names that you wish to search for.  In the Named: field you want to type your files in with a semi-colon after each one with no spaces.



  The example looks for all AutoCAD Drawing files, all DXF files, all Bitmap images and one JPG file called MY.JPG .