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AutoLISP Function Detail
Name: ssget

(ssget [[mode [pt1] [pt2] [list]] [filter])

Allows for the creation of custom object filtering or selection methods. This function returns the items that are selected or meet the requirements when a object filtering is put into place. It works just like the FILTER command in AutoCAD with out the dialog box interface.

Mode Meaning
none Allows any type of selection method.
"C" Crossing window
"CP" Crossing polygon
"F" Fence
"I" Implied
"L" Last
"P" Previous
"W" Window
"WP" Window polygon
"X" All

Point types Modes
Pt1 and Pt2 "C" and "W"
List "F", "CP" and "WP"

Relational Filter Symbols Meaning
"*" Everthing
"=" Equal to
"!=" Not equal to
"/=" Not equal to
"<" Less than
"<=" Less than or equal to
">" Greater than
">=" Greater than or equal to
"&" Bitwise AND
"&=" Bitwise masked equal

Logical Filter Symbols Meaning
"<AND" ... "AND>" All must match in order to be executed
"<OR" ... "OR>" One must match in order to be executed
"<XOR" ... "XOR>" Two operands
"<NOT" ... "NOT>" One operand

(setq SS_NEW (ssget))
Select objects:
<Selection set: 5>

(setq SS_NEW 
      (-4 . "<OR")
      (0 . "LINE")
      (0 . "ARC")
      (-4 . "OR>")
      (8 . "OUTLINE")
(<Selection set: 6>)

(setq SS_NEW 
      (-4 . "<NOT")
      (0 . "LINE")
      (-4 . "NOT>")
      (8 . "OUTLINE")
(<Selection set: 7>)