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AutoLISP Function Detail
Name: initget

(initget [int] [str1 ...])

Allows the controlling of how the getxxx functions act to user intervention. The initget function also affects entsel, nentsel, and nentselp functions. The integer represents a setting for control of the function by the programmer of the routine. The string represents the ability to use keywords in any of the functions except getstring.
Integer Meaning
1 User can't press ENTER
2 Zero is not an accepted value
4 Negative numbers will not be accepted as values.
8 Point can be selected (or picked) outside of the limits
16 Unused code at this time
32 Highlights the rubber-banding line
64 Z-coordinate is filtered out of the pick point
128 Allows any input

(initget 1)
(getint "\nEnter a number: ")
(initget 1 "Yes No")
(getkword "\nDelete object<Y/N>: ")