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AutoLISP Function Detail
Name: grread

(grread [flag] [keys [highlight]])

Interrupts input values from the different devices that interactive wit AutoCAD. There are a variety of inputs as well as outputs that can be generated with this function.

Flag Meaning


Returns all the coordinates that are generated by moving the mouse.

Keys Meaning
1 Drag mode for coordinates is returned.
2 All pressed key values are returned.
3 Use the value that was passed by the cursor argument.
4 Don't display an Error message when the user presses ESC.

Cursor Meaning
0 Display default crosshairs for cursor.
1 No cursor is displayed.
2 Object selection box cursor is displayed.

Value Type of User Input
2 Keyboard
3 Select
4 Screen Menu item
5 Pointing device
6 Buttons section of the menu
7 - 10 Tablet(?) menu
11 AUX section of the menu
12 Pointer button (trails a 6 or 11)

(2 65)
(grread T 1)
(5 (12.0576 3.52122 0.0))