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What services does HyperPics offer?
HyperPics is a company that helps our clients adapt to the ever changing landscape of technology. The core of the business services is through consulting and developing custom solutions that improve workflow through identified problems. By identifying areas of improvement we help our clients to wisely invest their dollars in areas that they themselves might not have noticed which can allow them to gain a new level of productivity unlike before. Workflow problems can be corrected through training, proper documented procedures, software/hardware upgrades, or custom application development; all of which we provide. For more information about HyperPics take a look at the About Us page.

HyperPics provides a variety of training options for companies. These training options might include on-site/off site training in a lecture style environment or hands-on lab. The training that we provide ranges from new employee training to helping those that have been using the software products for sometime and might only need a refresher or update class.

AutoCAD training ranges from the fundamental to more complex topics such as 3D modeling, Xrefs, Paper Space and more. Outside of AutoCAD training, we offer customized training that is tailored to the way your company works to help leverage your investment of AutoCAD or other Autodesk products. We also offer training on non-traditional topics such as customization using VB/VBA, AutoLISP and DCL, and/or general customization (scripts, menus and other setup items). For large companies that are moving from an older version of MS Office or Windows, we can help you in those areas as well.

Many users don't fully understand the power hidden within AutoCAD or other Autodesk products. Not only are they powerful drafting tools, but most of them allow you to extend their functionality that comes right out of the box which can improve workflow. We offer customization services that help you to optimize your business process output through AutoCAD and other Autodesk products with automation for your designers. HyperPics has over 8+ years of real life experience implementing and developing custom applications for its clients.

HyperPics leverages the latest and most efficient ways to develop custom applications with AutoLISP / Visual LISP and DCL to VB/VBA to ObjectARX to .NET technologies. Along with application development we also offer block development that are standard 2D and 3D blocks to dynamic blocks. Blocks can be a very powerful form of customization that when developed correctly can help simplify many tasks within a drawing. We also offer services that help you extract the information contained in the blocks to external data sources so the information can be used later on downstream.

Just like other fields, such as IS (information Systems) not all companies can keep up with the latest in technologies. This is no different in the design areas of companies. Autodesk is releasing software like AutoCAD on an annual basis and some companies get stuck trying to figure out if they should purchase or wait a while with new releases. Let us help you make the correct decision based on the many years of experience that we have with implementing and migrating customers to new releases of AutoCAD. Since we are not in the business of selling AutoCAD or other Autodesk products, we will give you the right information to help you make the correct decission for your company. Being near the front edge of technology allows us to help you also stay head of your competition and on top of the technology curve.

Hourly/Daily Rates*
$40 per hour for General Customization and AutoLISP development
$50 per hour for HTML and ASP development
$55 per hour for VB VBA programming
$65 per hour for ObjectARX or .Net programming

$550 and up per day for on-site training

Call for on-site development or long term development contracts.

If you have any questions just contact us.

*Note: The Hourly and Daily rates listed should be used for budgeting purposes only. The actual costs of a project maybe less than or greater than to those that you estimate based on the length and size of the project or training that is being requested. The rates do not take into consideration any traveling expenses and additional materials required to conduct training or on-site development.