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Client and Visitor Comments
Brent Hungerford (Structural Engineering Services) from Walter P. Moore writes:
"I wanted to thank you for your help several weeks ago on the VBA output to the AutoCAD Mtext boxes of fractions in diagonal form. Your responses were extremely helpful and, better yet, you replied very quickly. I truly appreciate your help."

Carig Boggan (Owner) from Integrity Developers writes:
"Your AutoCAD System Variables PDF is great and I appreciate you making it available to print. It's saved a lot of time for me as well as many others."

Darren Thornhill (Drafting Technologist) from Midwest Surveys Inc. writes:
"For all you CAD-heads out there, HyperPics (Lee Ambrosius) has been nothing but a tremendous help for us here at Midwest Surveys Inc. (Medicine Hat, Alberta Office). Hats off!! Whenever I email it's usually no longer than a day and I have an answer. I don't think I've stumped him yet!!"

David Harrington from AUGIWorld writes:
"Lee has assisted me and the magazine over the past couple years with his thorough and insightful articles on various topics regarding AutoCAD. I remember telling him that he is nearly becoming as renown and well liked as Bill Kramer for his generosity in helping users and his ingenuity with regard to programming and customization. If there is a measure to attain, there is no better than Bill, who has been influential for decades. Lee will undoubtedly end up being this millennia's contribution to the great AutoCAD cause."

Doug Merkley from Advantage Machine & Tool Inc. writes:
"This is the best AutoCADr web site I've ever seen! You have so much information available at your web site, some things I couldn't find anywhere else. Thanks and keep up the good work."

Ellen Finkelstein from author of AutoCAD 2005 and AutoCAD LT 2005 Bible writes:
"Lee is an AutoCAD guru. He knows EVERYTHING about AutoCAD. He did the technical review of my AutoCAD 2005 and AutoCAD LT 2005 and did a top-notch job. He's also a talented programmer in both AutoLISP and VBA. If I have a question about AutoCAD, I always go to Lee."

James A. Leach from author of AutoCAD 2006 Instructor writes:
"Lee contributed two chapters to AutoCAD 2006 Instructor. (The AutoCAD Instructor series by McGraw-Hill is the market leader for colleges and universities.) Lee's chapters are "Customize User Interface" and "CAD Management." Lee not only displayed outstanding expertise in these areas, but he was able to produce a top-quality manuscript within the deadline."

Jon Rizzo from Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. writes:
"It's that time again. We are getting ready to deploy 2005 enterprise wide, and I need to bring everyone up to speed with the new version. As usual, your "What's New" document blew me away."

Kevin Schuster (Draftsman) from Preston Refrigeration Co., Inc writes:
"Lee has been a tremendous asset to our CAD department. His knowledge of AutoCAD has allowed us to do things twice as fast as we have done in the past with the half the effort. His responses are timely, helpful and easy to understand. He is a true professional with know how of not just the mainstream but the older versions as well all the while being able to provide answers to the most current questions. He is polite intelligent and without a doubt the best CAD source that I know."