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AutoCAD Related File Extensions
Updated last for AutoCAD R12 through 2005.

File ExtensionDescription
$AAutosave file
$ACAutosave file
3DS3D Studio file
AC$Autosave file
ADSADS applications file
ADTAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Audit report file
AHPAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Help file
ARGAutoCAD profile export file
ARXAutoCAD Runtime extension file
ATCAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Tool Catalog
AVIAnimation Video file
AWSAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Work Space
BAKAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Drawing backup file
BASVisual Basic Module
BKnEmergency backup file - n=sequential number
BMPWindows Bitmap
BPLAutoCAD Batch Plot List File (R2000 through 2004)
CADS Source code file
CCADS Source code file
CCPCalComp color palette file
CDCDesignCenter Preview Cache file
CFGConfiguration file
CHMComplied HTML Help file
CHXAutoCAD Standards Check file
CLSVisual Basic Class Module
CSVComma Separated Value file
CTBAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Color-dependent Plot Style Table File (R2000 and up)
CUSCustom Dictionary file
DBFDatabase file for ASE applications
DBQAutoCAD Db Query File (R2000 and up)
DBTAutoCAD Db Template File (R2000 and up)
DBXAutoCAD Database Extension (R2000 and up)
DCEAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Dialog Error Log (R2000 and up)
DCLDialog Control Language description file
DCTDictionary file
DEFADS / ObjectARX Source code file
DFSAutoCAD Utility Defaults
DIMDimension file
DLLDynamic linking library file or .NET Application file
DMPAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Error Dump file
DOCMS Word Document
DS$Temporary AutoCAD Sheet Set
DSDDrawing Set Descriptions (R2004 and up)
DSTAutoCAD Sheet Set (R2005)
DWFAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Drawing interchange file
DWFDesign Web Format (once known as Drawing Web Format)
DWGAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Drawing file
DWLAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Drawing Lock file
DWSAutoCAD Drawing Standards file (R2002 and up)
DWTAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Template Drawing file
DXBAutoCAD Binary data exchange file
DXXAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Drawing Interchange Attribute
EPSEncapsulated PostScript file
ERRAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Error Report
EXEApplication / Executable file or ADS Application file
FASAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Fast-load AutoLISP File
FLMAutoShade filmroll file
FMPAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Font Map
FRMVisual Basic Form
GIFGraphics Image Format file
HADS / ARX include file
HDIAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Heidi Device Interface File
HDX Help index file
HLPWindows Help file
HTMHypertext Markup Language File
HTMLHypertext Markup Language File
IFFAutoCAD IFF Raster File
INIConfiguration Settings File
JPGJPEG Graphic Image File
LASLayer State file
LIBADS / ARX Library file
LINAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Linetype Definition
LOGLog file
LSPAutoLISP file
LSTPrinter plot file
MAKMake project file
MDBMS Access Database
MLIAutoCAD Render Materials Library
MLNAutoCAD Multiline Definition
MNCCompiled Menu File (Windows)
MNDMenu Definition File
MNLAutoLISP Menu File (Functions related with a menu name)
MNRMenu Resource File (Toolbar and pull-down menu graphics images)
MNSMenu Source File
MNUMenu Template File
MNXCompiled Menu File (Dos)
MPRAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Mass Properties Report
NFLAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Filter List
OLDBackup of a file converted from earlier version of AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT
PATAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Hatch Pattern Definition
PC2AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Plot configuration File (R14/97/98)
PC3AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Plotter Configuration File (R2000 and up)
PCPAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Plot configuration file (R13/R12/95/LT2 - before)
PCXPCX Raster Image File
PFBPostScript Font File
PFMPostScript Font Metric File
PGPAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Program Parameters
PIFProgram Interface File
PLTAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Plot File
PMPAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Plotter Model Parameters File (R2000 and up)
PNGPortable Network Graphics
PPTMS PowerPoint
PSPostScript File
PSFPostScript Support File
PSSAutoCAD Plot Stamp Settings
PTWAutoCAD Publish To Web
PWDAutoCAD Login File
PWTAutoCAD Publish To Web Template
REDAutodesk View Redline
REGRegistration Entries (Windows Registry)
RMLRedline Markup File from VoloView
RPFRaster-Pattern Fill Definition
SABACIS Solid Binary File
SATSolid Modeling ACIS File (ASCII format)
SCRScript File
SETAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Set File
SHPAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Shape Source
SHXAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Compiled Shape or Font file
SLBAutoCAD Slide Library
SLDAutoCAD Slide
SLGAutoCAD Status Log
STBAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Plot Style Table File (R2000 and up)
STLStereolithography File
SV$AutoCAD Autosave File
TGATruevision Format
TIFTIFF Raster Image File
TTFTrueType Font File
TXTAttribute Extract Template File or ASCII Text File
UNTAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Unit Definition
VLXVisual LISP File - Complied AutoLISP File
WMFWindows Metafile
XLSMS Excel Document
XMXAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT External Message
XTPAutoCAD / AutoCAD LT Exported Tool Palette
ZIPArchive or Compressed Set of files